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Contact Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm WST

Ph: (08) 9436-1402

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most asked questions. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us!

Q. Why don't you have my item in stock?
A. We try to keep a working level of stock on the shelf for most items. Sometimes, due to a sudden high demand, we sell out of stock before our new stock comes in. Some items are ordered as required to keep storage space to a minimum. This helps keep our costs down.

Q. You gave me a price six months ago for a new wheel (or other special order item). Why is the price different now?
A. We base our prices on the US dollar and what buying power the Australian dollar has at the time of ordering. This means that the prices fluctuate. Sometimes items end up being cheaper and sometimes more expensive. By doing this we can pass savings on to you and you then pay less. Sometimes we are able to absorb price increases from the supplier or transport company.

Q. Can you do installations?
A. Yes but there is labour charges involved. Some installations can be done at your work or home!

Q. I'm after a certain part that is not listed on your website. Are you able to get it for me?
A. We are able to source most products through our various suppliers and manufacturers. Please contact us to find out.

Q. Why do some products have a price but others only have POA?
A. Some products we have in stock and have a known price. Other items we have to special order. The price is affected by value of the Australian dollar against the US dollar at the time of ordering. We could put a price online but it would have to cover the normal day to day flucuations of the dollar so the price would end up being a fair bit higher. We aren't try to hide anything, we are just trying to give you the best price possible.

Q. Can I drop by your retail shop?
A. We don't have a retail shop. We are a private workshop with an online presence. Current we take our order via email and phone. We now have a fully automatic and secure online shop front which enables our customers to purchase through our website.

Q. What is a private workshop?
A. A private workshop is not open to the general public like your normal workshop down the road. All the work carried out by our workshop is done on an appointment basis only. This allows us to:
- utilise our workspace more efficiently and minimise the amount of space that is taken up by storing motorcycles,
- minimise distractions to allow us to get the job done quicker,
- spend more time providing quality workmanship and products, and
- keep our prices down.

Q. What is the process to get some parts installed or to get my bike modified?
A. Our process is quite simple and designed to have your bike off the road for the least amount of time possible. In some instances items can be installed at your work or home (Perth metro area only).
- Contact us to let us know what you want done.
- We then organise a list of parts and check our inventory for part availability.
- We then let you know what the total cost would be and what parts are in stock or need to be fabricated or ordered.
- A deposit is paid. This may be made up of a refundable and non refundable components.
- Parts are fabricated and any additional parts are then ordered (if required).
- You are notified once all parts are ready or in stock and an installation schedule is organised.
- Depending upon the work to be carried out the bike can either dropped off to us or we will organise for the bike to be picked up.
- All work is carried out.
- The account is then paid in full.
- The bike is then picked up or delivered.

Q. Why is there a 50% non-refundable deposit on some parts to be ordered?
A. Unfortunately we have had some people order parts and then we never heard from them again. When this happens we are left with the part(s) and a bill which can be tens of thousands of dollars. Prices then have to go up to cover these costs. To keep our prices down we have been forced to require a deposit. The non-refundable deposit is to ensure that at least part of our costs are covered. Some custom parts or expensive items may require either payment in full prior to ordering or a higher percentage deposit to be paid. We appologise for any inconvenience this causes our customers.