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Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm WST

Ph: (08) 9436-1402

Update: 2nd November 2013
Due to technical difficulties (ie someone has pinched the hamster out of our server) we are currently unable to process any website orders. Our technical staff are working to fix this problem as soon as possible. If you wish to place an order or have any enquiries please contact us on (08) 9436-1402 and leave a message or shoot us an email through our contact page here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. If you wish to purchase any item, please include the item name & model number in your email as well as your address. We will then send you a Paypal request for funds. Once payment is received we will despatch the items asap. Whilst this is not an ideal situation, we are working to resolve this and thank you for your patience and understanding..

Update: 20th September 2013
Bad Penny Customs will be closed from Saturday the 28th September until Tuesday the 8th October 2013. Whilst order can still be placed through our webstore, no orders will be processed & despatched during that time. If you have any enquiries please contact us on (08) 9436-1402 and leave a message or shoot us an email through our contact page here and we'll get back to you once we return. .

Update: 22nd December 2012
Bad Penny Customs will be closed from Saturday the 22nd of December 2012 until the Wednesday the 16th January 2013. No orders will be processed during that time. If you have any enquiries please contact us on (08) 9436-1402 and leave a message or shoot us an email through our contact page here and we'll get back to you once we return. We'd like to thank all of our customers for their business and our suppliers for their support during the year and we look forward to serving your needs in 2013. We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a safe and successful New Year! Please ride safe and keep the rubber side down..

Update: 4th August 2011
Motorcycle Industry Reports Strong Growth in first half of 2011. Check out the full story, report & sales figures at here. .

Update: 27th July 2011
Twin hypercharger Pro-Rs are now available for the M109r. Lowering links are now in stock for the M50 & M90 with the M109R comming soon.
Bad Penny Customs will soon stock a range of K&N performance oil & air filters. These will be for stock applications on your metric & American cruiser..

Update: 14th June 2011
Bad Penny Customs are now the official seller of the Veterans MC supporter gear. We are the only place where you can purchase the official supporter gear from on the internet. There has been a case recently of another website selling cheap asian knock offs of Veterans MC gear as well as other MCs much to all the clubs displeasure. So make sure you purchase your supporter gear here. .

Update: 11th May 2011
2011 Inaugural Blanket Run (Brisbane).
  • Start: Lord Stanley Hotel, Stanley St, East Brisbane
  • Ride Depart: 10.30am
  • Finish : Drevesen Park ,Lower Esplanade, Wynnum
  • Purpose: A charity ride seeking donations of blankets to help homeless people in Brisbane
  • Supporting: The Salvation Army & Rene's Riders

    For more info go to: Rene's Ryders or MRA Queensland.

  • Update: 21st April 2011
    Bad Penny Customs will be closed over the Easter & ANZAC day long weekend. We will reopen on Wednesday the 27th April 2011. Orders can still be placed through our online store, but no orders will be processed until Wednesday. If you have any enquiries please contact us on (08) 9436-1402 and leave a message or shoot us an email through our contact page here and we'll get back to you once we return. We'd like to wish everyone a great easter and ride safe!!.
    ANZAC Day 2011 - Veterans MC

  • When: 25 Apr 2011 @ 10:00am
  • Where: VMC Clubhouse - 68 Sylvia Street - Nollamara
  • LIVE Music (On The Level & Kontraband)
  • Food and full bar facilities available
  • Heaps of entertainment
  • Doors open 10am till late

  • ANZAC day T-shirts & Veterans MC supporter gear available for purchase on the day

  • Update: 31st March 2011
    2011 VMC WA Annual Rolling Bike Show.
  • Start: Narrogin Inn, ARMADALE
  • Registrations from: 9.45am $15.00 per Bike
  • Ride Depart: 10.45am
  • Under 200km, Make sure your Tank is full. (Start, 2 x Stops, Finish)
  • Finish : Veterans Clubhouse Nollamara

    There will be live entertainment, raffles, door prizes, food and full bar facilities.
    Part Proceeds to Charity: Cypress Cottage
    For more info go to: Veterans MC (Perth).

  • Update: 21st January 2011
    On Saturday 12th Feb 2011 is the Queensland Flood Relief M/C Ride from Ipswich to Murphy's Creek. For more info download the flyer here. We urge everyone to support this great cause. Even if you don't have a motorcycle you can make a donation at the start or finish point.

    Update: 17th January 2011
    Bad Penny Customs has now re-opened for 2011. We have also launched our online store. Our store can be accessed through the shop button above. Shop Online with Bad Penny Customs

    Update: 23rd December 2010
    Bad Penny Customs is now closed for the Christmas period. We will reopen on Monday the 17th January 2011. No orders will be processed until then. If you have any enquiries please contact us on (08) 9436-1402 and leave a message or shoot us an email through our contact page here and we'll get back to you once we return. We'd like to thank all our customers and suppliers for their support this year and we look forward to an even better 2011. Keep safe and have a great one!!.

    Update: 3rd November 2010
    The construction of our long awaited web store is now underway. We are hoping to have it completed and up and running after our Christmas break. There is a lot going on in the back ground and many hours being spent listing all our products. The new site will be able to receive payment by Paypal or bank transfer. We hope you'll be patient with us during our transition period. As always though we will still take orders over the phone & via email!
    Bad Penny Customs will be closing over the Christmas period. We will be closed from the 15th December 2010 through to the 16th January 2011 (re-opening on the 17th). No orders will be processed during this time. If you have any enquiries please contact us on (08) 9436-1402 and leave a message or shoot us an email through our contact page here and we'll get back to you once we return..

    Update: 17th October 2010
    We've now started to list some of the raked triple trees that we are able to offer. We have raked triple trees for the VTX-1800C and the VT-1300CX Fury. More to come include the VN900, VLX600, XV250 and others from great manufacturers such as VTX-Treme, Sumo-X & AME Choppers. Check them out here!

    Update: 11th October 2010
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    Update: 31st August 2010
    If you live in Perth and have a Yamaha XV535, we'd like to hear from you. We are in need of a XV535 to fabricate a seat conversion plate for a springer seat. We would need access to the bike initially for only 30 mins. Later we would need access to the bike for a day for final fitment. If you can help us please contact us here! We would come to some arrangement for allowing us to use your bike as well.

    Update: 25th August 2010
    Custom made springer seats have now been added to our site here!

    Update: 24th August 2010
    Red, white & black retro grips, chrome mirrors, billet grips and hot spot indicators have now been added to our site!

    Update: 10th August 2010
    Our new line of beanies is now in stock and ready to go. These beanies are a tight knit acrylic beanie with a 100% stitched Bad Penny Customs logo on the front fold. As you can see from the picture, our office manager Norman loves his! These beanies represent superior quality and an amazing price of only $16! Yes that's right, only $16!. This is all part of our promise to bring quality parts, accessories & gear at great prices. To order one just go to our online store here.

    Update: 25th June 2010
    Once in a while a product comes along that represents true value for money. This is one of them. Powermadd's Rider Hold-Tight is a common sense design that allows a passenger to hold onto the rider safely and securely when riding your snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, or personal watercraft. It's designed to be worn directly over your clothing, life vest, or snowmobile suit. Dual position rider handles provide quick and easy handholds with ultra comfortable neoprene handhold tubes that remain soft in cold weather. Constructed of heavy-duty nylon webbing, 500 Denier cloth and quick release buckles this will give you and your pillion a secure hold.
    So no more having your kids hold onto your belt or even worse, straping them to you with another belt. This is great even for adults who may have a bit of trouble holding onto the rider. Bad Penny Customs is now able to offer this great product for only $54.95

    Update: 7th June 2010
    Quality is something that a lot of companies seem to forget these days. Poor chroming, welding, fitment, etc. We've all bought products that just haven't lived up to the hype or your own expectations. When it comes to forward controls though, Accutronix won't let you down. Accutronix have been making their outstanding range of products since 1985 and are a market leader for a reason. Quality.
    Bad Penny Customs is now able to offer the Australian market Accutronix forward controls not just for Harley Davidsons, but also for:
  • Honda's VTX-1800 & VT-1300CX Fury,
  • Yamaha's Warrior & XV1600 Roadstar, and
  • Victory's Vegas.
  • Update: 7th May 2010
    We are conducting a survey and are inviting all of our clients, fans and supporters to take part. We need to know what range of BPC clothing and sizes you want. The survey should only take you a minute or so and is just a matter of ticking some boxes. If you have any suggestions we'd love to hear them. The survey can be found here.
    Bad Penny Customs now some patches available on our patches page. This includes a patch for the Australian Riders from the VTX Owners Association (VTXOA). The patches can be found here.
    Update: 30th April 2010
    Our basic Bad Penny Customs short sleeve t-shirt has now been added to our online store here.
    Update: 8th April 2010
    We now stock 90 degree tyre valve adapters. These adapters are great if you have difficulty inflating your tyres due to restricted access by the wheel. These are a small and light weight adapter that you can keep in your pocket, tool roll, saddlebag or just about anywhere. Simply remove your valve cap, screw on the adapter and inflate your tyre. When finished just unscrew the adapter and put your valve cap on. Simple!

    RRP is $24.95. Our price is $14.95!!

    Bad Penny Customs is now an Australian dealer for Mustang Seats. These seats are great seats designed for spending long hours in the saddle. These seats give superior comfort to both rider and pillion.

    Granucci seats are an Italian company that produces great low rider style seats. These seats are designed to lower the rider into the bike and give the bike a more flowing appearance. The quality on the seats is impressive.

    Update: 18th February 2010
    Bad Penny Customs is now on Facebook! Check us out at http://www.facebook.com/badpennycustoms

    Update: 30th January 2010
    Wide Tyre kits now added to the website. They can be found in our online store.

    Update: 20th January 2010
    We now have prices for the VT-1300CX Fury wide tyre components. Please contact us for pricing.

    Update: 12th January 2010
    White Tyre Paint is now back in stock! Place your order here.

    Update: 21st December 2009
    Bad Penny Customs now stocks the original Speed Bleeder�!! In case you've never heard of Speed Bleeder� they are device that allows you bleed your brakes (and hydraulic clutch) by yourself without any expensive tools. The patented bleeder screw has an in built check valve. Once installed, it becomes a permanent part of the brake system. When it is time to bleed your brakes, you loosen the Speed Bleeder a 1/4 turn and pump your brake pedal or lever. When the pedal or lever is depressed, the pressure generated opens the check valve letting air and brake fluid out of the end of the Speed Bleeder. When you release the pedal and it returns to the up position, the check valve closes and prevents any air from reentering the system through the Speed Bleeder. When bubble free fluid is evident you close the Speed Bleeder. In the closed position it works just like your stock bleeder screw and prevents any brake fluid from leaking out. That is all there is to bleeding your brakes. If you later need to bleed your brakes, the patented thread sealing system makes it easy to open the bleeder screw to perform the bleeding operation. It is made of quality materials and it is economical at only $10 for the standard Speed Bleeder�. Speed Bleeder� is also available in polished stainless steel.

    Update: 10th December 2009
    Bad Penny Customs is the first in Australia to offer a 240-250mm wide tyre kit for the new Honda VT1300CX Fury (non ABS). Below are some preview pictures with the photo on the right showing a comparison between a Fury with the wide tyre kit (left) and a stock Fury (right). This kit will go long way to finishing the job that Honda started. Bad Penny Customs is also able to offer custom wheels and other accessories for the Fury as well customisation services to make your Fury truely unique.

    Update: 11th October 2009
    We have now secured some great new product that fixes that often overlooked component of any motorcycle. The key! Check them out here. We have spikes, stars, POW-MIA, plain plus others! Trim down your bike key and then glue it into your Key Cover for a truely custom look.

    Update: 16th September 2009
    Bad Penny Customs has just secured the rights to be the sole distributor and dealer for "White Tire Paint" for Oceania (Australia, New Zealand & Asia). This is an amazing product that comes from Iceland (Skál minn vinátta!).
    If you've ever tried to find white wall tyres then you'd know that if your not running standard Harley size rims the chances of you find some were slim. Even if you did find them or had to import them, you would be looking at a very large amount of cash! Some people have resorted to painting their own tyres with automotive paint, enamel, spray paint and even house paint. In the end they all crack, fade and peel leaving the owner frustrated and back at square one. We went looking for white walls for our XV250 Bobber project (from a stock 1997 XV250 Virago) and found out the extremes that people have gone too.
    We ended up finding out about a guy in Iceland who had run into the same problems with his restored 1956 Mercedes-Benz Type 190 Ponton sedan. Together with a friend, he decided to make his own paint. The result is "White Tire Paint". This paint is unlike any other in that it contains rubber and a special compound that prevents it from hardening completely and therefore cracking!
    One 250ml tin of "White Wall Paint" is enough to 2-3 coats on 4 car tyres or 2 motorcycle tyres (both sides need to be done on a motorcycle tyre).

    We have just received a new delivery of White Tire Paint!
    Use White Tire Paint to paint the tyres of your restored car, Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Bobber, Chopper or retro cruiser. $34.95 per 250ml and can be purchased in our online store: Here

    24th Nov 2009. Andy from South Australia has sent us a picture of his bike after he'd just done the tyres on his Honda VTX1300. What a great result that really does compliment the retro look of his bike. Very cool looking ride mate!

    Below is a Triumph Rocket III that has had it's tyres painted using "White Wall Paint".

    A nice custom chopper from New Zealand
    Update: 23rd July 2009

    Well time flies along and it seems like it was only yesterday that we opened our doors to the public. Since we started we have been joined by some great suppliers and fabricators. Bad Penny Customs is proud to announce two new partnerships that will further increase our range and ability to supply great products and great prices. Our new partners are:

  • V-Twin Manufacturing - A global company that supplies a great range of parts and accessories for the v-twin market. Everything from retro lights to modern engines and even kit bikes!
  • Easyriders Inc - This company located in Japan makes some of the coolest parts for the metric / Japanese cruiser market we've seen in a while. They're radical style has matured to become synonymous with Japanese cruiser styling.

    We are also pleased to announce, that after some minor teething problems, a new improved bracket has been developed by Sumo-X that relocates the rear calliper on the VN900. The bracket moves the calliper underneath the swingarm so it sits behind most exhausts. This opens up the back wheel visually. We now have these in stock!

  • Welcome to Bad Penny Customs! We are an exciting new Australian business that specialises in customing and supplying parts for metric cruisers. We are able to supply parts and accessories from the worlds best manufacturers for your metric cruiser. Not only do we serve the metric cruiser market but we can also source custom parts and accessories for Harley Davidson and other brands. Bad Penny Customs provides a complete service to our customers from help on concepts, product selection to fabrication through to installation. We can even help you find a suitable new or second hand bike to start your new project! Whether your making your bike a bit more personal or tricking it out for show, we can help.

    The foundation of our business is:

    Quality - Superior products and service.
    Innovation - Providing new products, services and solutions to suit our clients.
    Respect - For all customers regardless of the brand of bike they ride.
    Realistic Pricing - Providing quality products and services at realistic and fair prices.

    Bad Penny Customs has forged relationships with some of the leading manufacturers, fabricators and customisers in the cruiser world. Working with our national and international partners, Bad Penny Customs has access to the latest and best cruiser products as well as a vast knowledge base. We've supplied and fitted parts and customised VTX1800s, M109Rs, VN800 & 900s, Meanstreaks, Nightrains to name but a few. Some of the items we provide include:
    With Suppliers such as:

    Doesn't matter if it's for a Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph or Harley Davidson. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

    Phone: 08 9436 1402 (in Australia) +61 8 9436 1402 (outside Australia)
    Email: Click Here

    Check out our overstocked, cancelled orders & specials in our Ebay store.

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